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The black premium leather headcovers 2.0

Beautiful, handcrafted leather headcovers - play good, look good

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Headcovers, handcrafted in Sweden

A limited edition, all-black series of headcovers made in genuine leather, handcrafted in Sweden. You can get them as a single model for Driver, Fairwaywood and Hybrid or as a set with one of each model. To quickly find the right club in the bag, the driver has been designed with 1 stripe, fairwaywood with 2 and the hybrid with 3 stripes across the headcover. Now also with a built in neodym magnet

The second generation black leather headcovers - new functions

How much function can you build into a headcover you may ask? Well, this is the second generation of our headcovers with a built-in, invicible neodym magnet at the top.

Why? you may ask. Because its so easy to attach it to your other club or your bag when its your turn on the course. Never leave your headcover on the ground to be forgotten or dirty. Just throw it at someting magnetic and it's stuck

The headcovers are handcrafted in Sweden in collaboration with PeGolf.