The story behind blackswing

Imagine a microbrewery, that´s how we look at our brand. But instead of beer we create golf products - the way we want them ourselves, well designed and always in black. Our goal is not to be a brand for the broad masses, but rather to develop classy, unique products for classy, unique golfers.

Why black?  You might think.
When looking out over a golf course it hurts our eyes of all the colors that golfers are wearing and carrying around and that´s why we are dedicated to black golf stuff. Black is the new black!


Blackswing is a micro-brand in golf. Our goal is to offer quality golf products in our own, always black, design.  With the goal set for the 2020 season we started off designing the recently launched waterproof golf bag and as we look ahead we have many exciting ideas on other golf stuff for the future.  We will develop each product one by one, individually and carefully in order to be sure that we meet our own and our customers requirements. Feel free to give us feedback on what product you would like us to blackify next, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Blackswing is located in Jönköping, Sweden but we see the world as our market. Please read the shipping page to find out what terms apply to your particular market.


Address: 42k AB / Blackswing, Kärrsvägen 40, 566 32 Habo, Sweden